SG2What is Siteground?

Siteground is a well-known hosting company that was built and created by a few university dorm friends in 2004. Since then, the company continues to rise and turned into the most trusted and reliable web hosting service company. At present, the company has currently 90 employees working for them and still searching for aspiring hosting technicians.

Moreover, according to the company’s terms of service, Siteground is legally ruled and governed by the laws and regulations of Panama. With siteground’s popularity, the owners decided to create multi data centers across the world like in Singapore, Amsterdam and in Chicago.

Siteground offers a lot of web hosting features and packages. While other hosting provider offers the unlimited everything, siteground only offers what you need in your business or personal websites. Moreover, they have the best and responsive customer service representatives which can provide great solutions to your hosting problems.

In addition to their transparency, they don’t claim having a 100 percent uptime record, but instead show the people the actual uptime record of 99.9 percent. So before choosing a hosting provider, make sure to know the company well to prevent hidden claims and charges, look for their pros and cons. For more information, watch the video about siteground below:

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