DIGITAL THOUGHT SW was developed by Gregory Cann, a graduate of Information Technology, and currently resided in California.

Basically, he has a brilliant mind in terms of finding the best editing software, camera and accessories. Greg, as what his friends call him, is also a photographer and I can tell that you can’t find him in his office desk since he is always travelling just to see and capture beautiful places.

This site was initially built in 2013, and he focuses on giving information about technology stuff such as hosting plans and brands. However, as the years go by, he decided to include photography and photo editing since it is his first love.

Digital thought SW is managed by Greg, and his other friends which make them a team of photographers, artists and designers. Their ultimate goal is to provide the most informative, updated news about photography, tips and tutorials on how to use a certain editing software and more.

This year, the goal of digital thought SW is to give more useful and helpful news about the most effective camera brands, editing tools, tech updates and more.

Hopefully, you’ll continue to visit digitalthoughsw.com so that the team will be inspired and will continue to give you the best to help you in your photography career.

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