• Cool, colorful presets for your portraits
  • A variety of effects and features only with Lightroom presets
  • Creating an “orange” mood with your photos through Lightroom’s Orange Fade

Portraits are a special kind of photography. In fact, it is by far the most popular among the genre, as more and more portraits are posted online, courtesy of the selfie generation. And Lightroom knows that too well.


These Lightroom presets for portraits are one of a kind because it allows you to make detailed enhancements on your action cams photo. Some of its features are perfect for portraits because it ultimately creates images that are technically superior and at the same time artsy.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of these Lightroom presets for portraits and see the benefits you can have as soon as you have them.

  • HDR Lightroom Preset – This particular preset is the solution to your portrait needs. It enhances your portrait in a way that you could almost feel the hair of your subject’s face because it is so clear and crisp. Perfect for those close ups.
  • Matte Series – If you want your portrait to look grainy or even dazed, then this is the preset for you. One of the best things about these Lightroom presets for portraits is that it enables you to experiment with its luminosity as in the case of this Matte Series.
  • Light Leak – Light dictates a big portion of your photograph. But with this Light Leak Lightroom presets, you get to experiment with light in a variety of ways, even transforming that shiny sun’s rays into something hazy.
  • Orange Fade – Another of those color-laden presets that would look good with your photos. Orange Fade is one of Lightroom’s in demand presets when it comes to creating color-inspired effects on your photo.

The list goes on and on with these Lightroom presets for portraits. Enough of those ordinary photo tools that doesn’t even make your viewers smile every time they see your photos. Make Lightroom your total portrait makeup.

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