Lightroom is changing the way we look at pictures. In fact, photo enhancing is no longer a monopoly of professional photographers, since the arrival of Lightroom, everybody can become a professional photographer in their own right.

Before and After NDThanks mainly to Lightroom. This photo enhancing app not only is changing the way we look at pictures but also changing the way we look at ourselves. You can have that much-needed makeover through your photos with Lightroom, as if you just had a date from a beauty salon. Needless to say, Lightroom has all the tools for the improvement of your photo images.

It has its presets and brushes for you to choose from, so you can enhance your photos with precision and style. And it comes in bundles too, collections for you to use, depending on the effect and mood you wanted to project. Lightroom is so convenient in that it is so easy to use, as in the case of its High Dynamic Range (HDR) Workflow.

HDR Workflow makes Lightroom ahead of the photo-enhancing pack.  Creating high dynamic range panoramic photos is something Lightroom has developed over the years with utmost care. This is Lightroom’s way of improving your ordinary photo images into extraordinary ones.

HDR Workflow covers every photo concern that other apps do not have the tools to do so. This workflow organizes multiple HDR photos and uses a built-in toolset. It also uses Adobe Camera Raw to process raw files before doing any merge.

It aligns images and reduces ghosting and noise, and creates a batch process (Photomatix). HDR Workflow enhances the tone maps and fusion of your photos and chooses the right bit depth. It repairs white balance issues and stitches photos with Photomerge, as well as enhancing the curves in your photos. Plus, it crops and fills gaps in your images. Everything you need as far as photo enhancing goes, HDR Workflow will provide it for you.

Here’s a video on how to install Lightroom presets on Mac and PC:

So don’t waste time using applications that doesn’t cover all your photo enhancing needs, your HDR Workflow will take care of it, as you are in for a more magical makeover.